How To Get Started

How to get started with Vision Therapy

A full eye health examination within the last 12 months is required before we can begin the process.

1. Sensory Motor Evaluation and Reading Assessment

Our Sensory Motor Evaluation and Reading Assessment is a 1 ½ to 2 hour series of tests designed to evaluate a patient’s eye alignment, eye teaming, depth perception, and eye focusing abilities. We assess visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills, fluency, and screen for dyslexia. You can either fill out our history form online before your visit or here in our office during your visit. Please bring any prior vision examination records and school performance testing if available.

Sensory Motor Testing and Screenings

Test of Visual Motor Integration: Visual Motor Information processing skills allow the brain to organize and interpret information that is "seen" and to give it meaning. Having trouble with any of the issues above may contribute to their inability to read smoothly, efficiently and comprehend what he or she has read.

This instrument utilizes goggles with infrared optics to test reading efficiency (number of fixations, regressions and other characteristics of eye movement (during reading) and helps us to compare it to what it should be for the child's grade level. Your child might be reading above grade level but may not be using their eyes efficiently or your child may sound fluent but have very low comprehension. This instrument allows us to see if your eyes are moving in opposite directions or not moving at the same time and this will make reading a text difficult. We can also determine if eye movements or poor sight word vocabulary is the cause of decreased fluency.

This screening helps us determine if the reading problem stems from a vision disability or a language problem or possibly both. We do not diagnose dyslexia but can help you determine if you may want to get additional testing by a specialist. For more information on this topic click here.

Helps us to measure your child’s reading, vocabulary, word comprehension, reading speed and general reading ability. This helps us to determine if your student is learning to read of reading to learn. If your child is not fluent they will not be able to read at an average pace which will makes comprehension more difficult.

2. Consultation with Treatment Plan

The Sensory Motor Evaluation includes a one-hour consultation generally done within the same week. At the consultation, you will receive a report with diagnosis codes, treatment plan, and teacher recommendations. In order to ensure the best care possible, we would like to coordinate with all professionals and educators that may be working with our patients. Prior to speaking with anyone about your child, we need written authorization for our records.

3. Vision Therapy

Patients typically come to the office once or twice weekly for 50 minutes each visit. In addition, homework is given as reinforcement of what is learned during the office therapy sessions. Commitment to the therapy program and maintaining a schedule of weekly visits, is important in the success of the program.

4. Vision Therapy Progress Evaluations

Your child will be re-evaluated by Dr. Hock every 10 sessions through Evergreen Vision Clinic, P.C. This progress evaluation is important in monitoring the progress made in vision therapy and answer any questions that you might have. There are no charges for these evaluations as they are considered part of your vision therapy program.