“Ursula is fabulous!! Her work with my daughter’s vision therapy was truly life changing! My daughter was basically failing third grade, with the teacher suggesting we test for ADHD since dyslexia tests were negative, when we heard about Evergreen Vision Clinic. Dr. Hauck diagnosed convergence insufficiency and tracking issues. After a summer of therapy, my daughter was back at grade level. She’s now a straight A honor student in high school.”

-Kate W.S.

“We had a great experience with Evergreen Vision and Learning Center. They came highly recommended from our optometrist. My daughter was struggling with reading and her school work was showing it. It was a huge fight to get her to read at all, and writing assignments took an exorbitant amount of time with lots of tears. We met with Ursula for several weeks. She’s great and my daughter loves her. After a few weeks, my daughter’s eyeballs are working better and she is reading with more ease. Her confidence has improved and she will now try to read things she would give up on before. She has also completed her science fair project and an essay/digital presentation for school with zero crying or fighting about it. This is huge!!”
-Jessyca W.